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Top 10 Sleeper Sofas

(excerpt from Apartment Therapy)

Space for guests is rare in New York City.  But people always want to come visit us, so finding a great sleeper sofa is almost a necessity for those who live here.   My all time top pick is the Samoa sofabed from Suite NY.  In posting this, i realize it’s no longer available from SuiteNY.  If anyone knows where to find this, I’d greatly appreciate a shout out!

I thought I’d share with you the top picks  from Apartment Therapy. (all affordable!)

1.  Mostra Sofa Bed by Ligne Roset ($5655) – New last year and designed by Didier Gomez, the Mostra is unassuming in presence and has one of the easiest transitions from sofa to bed we’ve ever experienced. It uses a patented Lampolet mechanism that takes care of the heavy lifting. Remarkably, all the cushions stay on the sofa as it transforms to a bed — meaning you don’t have to have a place to store them.

2. Soto Sleeper Sofa from DWR ($4600) – Designed by Jeffrey Bernett, this sofa bed for DWR is part of the Soto family of upholstered seating which includes a sleeper sofa, sleeper chair and storage ottoman. The Sleeper Sofa is a meticulously designed sofa bed that is one of the best we’ve seen and experienced.

3. Reese Sleeper from Mitchell Gold & Bob Williams ($3220 – 20% discount right now) – For a few different styles, Mitchell Gold & Bob Williams are a good option and offer 15 sleepers with a traditional spring mattress. I chose to show the Reese because it’s the most unusual sleeper design I saw, as well as being very svelte.

4. Nomade Express from Ligne Roset ($3610) – A classic design with simple action, the quilted back folds down to give you a nice big bed surface with no springs or bars.

5. Havana Sleeper Sofa from DWR ($3500) – Aaron really likes this because it’s big and low with storage.

6. James Lounge Sofabed by Gus Modern ($1695) – The James Lounge is the only convertible sofa from Gus Modern. Similar to the classic George Nelson daybed, it’s a simple design that is a quick transition from armless sofa to twin sized mattress.

7. Natasha Comfort Sleeper by American Leather ($2599) – Not just about leather anymore (though they do have plenty if you want it), AL has made a name for themselves in the sleeper category with the patented Tiffany 24/7 platform sleep system, which removes the springs and bars to create a totally even sleeping surface. It can also be topped with Tempurpedic foam. There are eight other designs in their Comfort Sleeper line.

8. Pierce Sleeper at Room & Board ($2699) – Room & Board offers some exclusive designs with the Comfort Sleeper platform system which is made by American Leather.

9.  Twighlight Sofa from DWR ($1880) – A very popular solution, this daybed design is slim and modern, without any fuss.

10. Metro Sleeper from Room & Board ($1899) – A classic design that can be customized with fabric or stain and a more affordable air coil inflatable mattress: “The mattress features a combination of supportive coils topped with an inflatable air chamber for customizable comfort.

Please comment below if you have a favorite not listed above!

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