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Top Interior Designers Spot Trends at High Point Market

This year I was asked to be a “Style Spotter” for High Point Market. A true honor of top interior designers and taste-makers around the country. 2015 Style Spotters include Michelle Jennings Wiebe, Style Spotter “Emeritus,” Studio M; Arianne Bellizaire, Inspired to Style; Kati Curtis, Kati Curtis Design; Beth Dotolo, Pulp Design Studios; Lori Gilder, Interior Makeovers Inc.; Patti Johnson, Patti Johnson Interiors; Courtney Lake, Monogram Décor; Jonathan Legate, Jonathan Legate Interior Consultation; and Leslie Hendrix Wood, Hadley Court. Such a great group, and I was truly humbled to be amongst these top talents in our industry.

At Spring market, 1 top trend I identified was a resurgence of all things feminine.

Trend #1 The Feminine Edge

This trend, the rise of the feminine, feels like a breath of fresh air to me. And after the long, strong staying power of the contemporary look, with its hard lines and lack of detail, I’m excited to see things loosening up. The feminine edge, with its flowing lines, lovely curves and intricate details, signifies a return to the meaningful and sentimental in design.

Rose Prints from Dunes and Duchess

Rose Prints from Dunes and Duchess

This is a trend towards a softening of the elements—and it’s showing up across all the elements: color, texture, and in mixes of materials – we’re finding them to be just…prettier. They’re more sparkly, shiny and delicate, and they give us a feeling of things being so much softer and easier—this is a trend that brings a gentle feeling, maybe because here, florals abound. And though I don’t usually find myself using the word “pretty” all that often, this trend makes me want to. I lost count at how many times at market I caught myself saying, “Oh, that’s really pretty.”   “Pretty” makes me aware of the precious quality of something; it makes me want to take care of it, protect it, to be the guardian of that sofa or chest of drawers for years to come.

Cisco Home Sofa Upholstered in Antique Kilim

Cisco Home Sofa Upholstered in Antique Kilim

One reason the feminine line is important, as a trend, is because it’s much so easier to live with. It’s not as hard, and it brings with it a level of warmth, comfort and familiarlity: it’s our mother’s faded quilt, it’s our grandmother’s antique rug that’s been in the family for generations. Moving away from the clean, starkness of contemporary, allows this trend towards feminine to express real personality, which is exactly what gives something its special quality. And shouldn’t your home be the place to express yourself, not the place to look like everyone else?

Brabbu Camilla Armoire

Koket Camilla Armoire

I love a good straight line, but to me, it’s the mixing of it with a beautiful curve that I love even more; it keeps life interesting.

Tune in for more top trends later this week!

xo, KC

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