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New Interior Design Projects for 2018!

Here at Kati Curtis Design we’re off to an amazing start for 2018 and have so many new interior design projects to share this coming year! While I’m excited about new work, I’m really more excited about the relationships with our clients. We have everyone from a young couple starting a new life together, to a couple with older kids from Chile who want to spend more of their spare time in NYC. Working closely together we can create something amazing and perfect for these incredible families. For me its all about making a difference in people’s lives! (and beautiful wallpaper of course….:))

1st on deck is a new construction project in Rye, NY  for an amazing young couple starting a new life outside of NYC in the suburbs closer to His family. Building a house from scratch is a 1st for these two, and while kids aren’t in the picture right now, we’re designing the house to eventually be family friendly. They currently have an odd-couple pair of pooches – a husky and a toy poodle who we’re already designing for!

new interior design projects

Image via This Old House

Next we have an incredible old house in Wilmington, DE that we’re de-bachelorizing for a guy who now has a wife and 2 (totally adorable) young kids.  There was a lot of brown… in the old design, so we’re lightening, brightening, and adding our signature color and pattern to give the home a bit of a new identity. The family entertains a lot – so we are designing for a lot of parties…. and kids… so that means durable (and beautiful) fabrics and finishes. You’d never know you can spill wine on that sofa without any problem!

new interior design projects

Our Inspiration for the New Front Hallway – Design by Katie Ridder photo by Eric Piasecki

Back in NYC we’re designing a pied a terre for a beautiful family from Chile. They purchased an apartment at the prestigious new 207 West 79th Street building.  With a pre-war feel, we’re bridging the gap between traditional and modern. The family has a large historic home in Chile, and want their part time home to feel comfortable,  yet reflect the fast pace of city life. The interior details are already exquisite, so we have great bones to work with!

207 West 79th Street

207 West 79th Street

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xo, KC

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