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How to Pet-Proof Your Home Without Sacrificing Design

westchester family room interior design

Our pets are some of the most special members of our family. However, no matter how hard we may try, sometimes our furry friends can make a big mess out of our furniture and decor. As a proud pet mom, I’ve learned a thing or two about how to pet-proof your home so that both you and your babies are happy. Take a look!

Use performance fabrics for the ultimate pet-proof solution

Textile technology has come a long way, and now there are so many great performance fabrics out there you don’t have to sacrifice design for durability. Here are two happy clients in a Chelsea Penthouse interior design:


pomeranian lounging on leopard ottoman

I have 2 cats and used to have these Jens Risom chairs upholstered in a classic wool fabric. Wool is a FAVORITE for cats to dig their claws into, so I had them reupholstered in a soft DESIGNTEX Crypton velvet. Beautiful and impervious to cat claws!! You can see they enjoy the chairs and they continue to look brand new. There are so many performance fabrics out there now you don’t have to sacrifice design for a pet-proof home.

2 grey cats lounging on blue velvet chairs

For our client’s Westchester interior design, we upholstered all of the seating in performance fabrics. You’d never know that their dogs tear through the family room as this room looks just a beautiful now as the day we installed it and they have a pet-proof home!

westchester family room interior design

Built in Dog Shower

In another Westchester interior design project, we installed a dog washing shower so they could bathe their 3 dogs any time, without having to take a trip to the groomer. Beautiful tile from Eskayel makes this functional space durable and it also saves them time and money on trips to the groomers. Again, truly beautiful and a fantastic design element, but super functional and convenient for our clients.

built in dog shower

Antique wool and Moroccan rugs

These hide a multitude of sins, whether is be doggie accidents, wine spills, or food falling on the floor. I typically use them on all of my projects as they not only disguise mishaps, but if made of a good quality wool and/or silk in a tight weave they will take a beating and last for generations. Here’s my boy modeling on both. He tries to dig his claws in, but they can’t be destroyed they’re so well made. Spills and spots blend right in and are easy to clean. These rugs are heirloom quality. (PS, we’ve got a handful of beautiful options on our Chairish shop!)

Architecturally integrated gates

Integrated dog door made of wood on staircase

This is an important one for me, as a gate – whether it be for baby or for pets can be a real eyesore. I always try to design integrated gates wherever possible for a seamless look. Not only are they a great pet-proof (and baby-proof) home solution, but they blend right in with the existing architecture. No need for those cheap store bought ones that clamp to the walls.

We hope this helps you make your home a place that is both beautiful and durable for years to come! And if you need a little bit more help, feel free to contact us to design the home of your dreams.

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