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    Each year the best interior designers from the US and Canada are chosen to be part of the DXV Design Panel. Kati Curtis Design was given their “Golden Era” line and created a Moroccan hammam, which is similar in style to a Turkish Bath.

    Kati describes the design for DXV:

    “I’m always drawn to contrasts—they’re present in all of my design work.  Here, it’s an ancient culture in a modern city, and how that plays out is fascinating.

    I love mixing the old and new in projects: the very graphic patterns against the very textural materials.  Hammams have very graphic tile work contrasted with their own specific kind of plasterwork that’s called: Tadelak.  It’s a plaster that’s water resistant, and at the same time it’s also so beautifully luxurious.  

    I also love things that have longevity, things that are sustainable, which is another reason I love the Moroccan tile and the tadelakt plaster.  It’s incredible to me that they’re constantly exposed to the water and the steam—which is what the hammam is about, really.  But then, all of that lives in the extreme, super extreme, dryness of Morocco, of North Africa.  Again, it’s a contrast and I love it.

    Doing this hamman for DXV, I was aware that it had the potential to be busy. For example: each one of these little tiles is carved out by hand.  And yet, you can see/feel that it’s actually quite a serene space. And I think it’s because of the way we put everything together. And that’s what happens when in Morocco, too.  I was there for 2 weeks recently, and I was so intrigued the busy-ness of much of the design I saw. and how it’s done in such a way that it becomes the background, and so it allows for quiet to be reached within the busyness.”