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  • New Home for a New Beginning

      It was time to start over. Time to move. And time to cross the park into a new life…a life we helped our client re-define. Kati Curtis Design created a new home and a Central Park West Interior Design.

    We gave it form through Art Déco choices that we mixed with 18th century pieces. We shaped it with modern touches. And then we highlighted it in ways that were always meaningful to her, with pillows featuring her love of needlepoint, framed etchings of Italian archaeological expeditions (another passion), the Venetian Murano glass chandelier (again, speaking to her love of Italy).

    And, knowing how much she loves to travel, we began a hunt to find the perfect wallpaper for her kitchen, and we did: one with faintly evocative patterns of old maps.

    When she told us she “had no need for a dining room” in her new life, we took the large space, originally set up as a dining room and living room, and created a modern salon. Finding the “tete-a-tete” piece was our way in, it led us to designing a room that functions in all the varied ways she wanted it to: as a gathering place, a work space, a place for entertaining, for watching TV, a space for the kids to come home and hang out, and for friends to drop by and relax; they all exist in that one room (along with a perfect spot to curl up for an afternoon nap.)

    One directive brought the guest room into focus: red. Our goal was beauty without being over stimulating. And so we balanced the room, with pinks and blue in painting’s of her artist daughter, and with grass cloth fabric on the walls to soften and provide a textured feel across the entire room.

    We had the idea of creating her own bedroom garden paradise above Central Park; designing the custom chinoiserie wallpaper let us start her down this private garden path, while a custom shade (with the same wallpaper) created a calm and soothing uninterrupted pattern all around the room. Again, the client’s love of red was brought in, but this time we used the rug to express it.

    Her new story plays out against a backdrop that mixes old and new, the familiar and surprising, the bold and refined. Distances can be funny—physically, this home was only across the park, but emotionally, it feels like light years away.