It Started With Morocco

We were given The Golden Era line from DXV for our city inspiration. Kati felt nothing evoked the golden era more than the glamorous and exotic city of Casablanca, Morocco! Having traveled there in early February, she was inspired by the contrasts - the mix of the old and the new, the refined and the raw. Creating a respite from the bustling medinas, Kati created a hammam-style spa. Utilizing handcrafted Moroccan tiles from Mosaic House, we set an ancient stage, but added contemporary elements like the a modern vanity to bring the scene into the 21st century. Kati noted while traveling in Morocco that the hammam, while an ancient tradition, is still a very modern social pastime.

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Designing a room inspired by Casablanca had the potential of being busy and overwhelming. But Kati created a truly serene space. She kept the color palette fairly muted and selected faucets from the Keefe® Collection in a matte black finish. “There’s an inherent beauty in the faucets themselves—solid and architectural. They really pop against the tile.”

Kati continues, "I love things that have longevity, things that are sustainable, which is another reason I love the Moroccan tile and the tadelakt plaster.  It’s incredible to me that they’re constantly exposed to the water and the steam—which is what the hammam is about, really.  But then, all of that lives in the extreme, super extreme, dryness of Morocco, of North Africa.  Again, it’s a contrast and I love it.